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    The intended behavior is that the snapshot saves complete state of your virtual machine configuration including defined VMware host guest shared folders.


    In other words, if you take a snapshot and then add a new share, the new share will be forgotten when you roll back to the snapshot.

    So the way to resolve that is to add the share before taking a snapshot.


    If you are seeing different behavior then that might be a bug.




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  • 09/25/16--04:38: Re: VCenter in Essential Kit
  • Grazie, Fabrizio

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    Hi All I'm new to VMWare and i need to create 10 VM's, i have a machine on Hetzner, they supplied me an IP  subnet, and according to there docs i need to establish a secondary switch, then create a machine that will act as a gateway for the other VM's, my question is: Does creating secondary standard switch required another physical NIC

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    I don't think that VMware added sound support for Snow Leopard Server at the time.


    From what I've understood, you can get sound support by using the driver here:


    and following the steps in the following post:

    Sound for Snow Leopard Server guest in Fusion 7 in Yosemite?


    FWIW, I advise against using the hackintosh drivers that are supplied in that thread as an alternative.


    edit: Actually disregard the "FWIW" as I have removed that part of the thread as besides the author including binaries of questionable origin, it also included steps on how-to break apple's EULA on how-to run Snow Leopard Client as Server which is against the forum's Community Terms of Use




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    Welcome to the Community,


    No, you can create Internal-Only vSwitches without uplinks, use a virtual router which connects to both, the Internal-Only as well as the "External" faced vSwitch, and route the traffic this way.



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    i've found the root cuause of the issue, it has to do with the virtual nic type..


    VMXNET3 strips vlan tags and E1000 doesn't


    all port mirroring option show vlan tags (evne when pinging inside the same broadcast domain) aslong as the interface on the destination mirror port is a E1000 virtual network type

    (i've tried installing the latest VMware tools to get the VMXNET3 nic to see vlan tags with no avial)

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    Is it possible to export the VM to an OVF and import this into ESXi?

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    So I wrote a little script to get all the info you need to run the reports using the original script I provided... you will need to use it in a loop.


    This script gives you a csv list of the report details you will need.


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    It's annoying and really upsetting, how does it impact on other Internal Network Adapters when I try to connect an External USB WiFi Adapter to the VM in Workstation 12.

    Can anyone explain or is there anything to fix?


    This is actually bad when the Host is doing something important on the connected network and I want to connect a free USB Wifi Adapter to the VM for other tasks.


    What happened was (which is another issue), that I was previously trying to connect this USB adapter via VSphere client to a VM running on ESXi host on the network. Unlike Workstation which stays open when network interrupts, VSphere client gets disconnected from the ESXi host and so from the VM instantly when I try to connect the USB WiFi Adapter to it. In result the VSphere client throws some exception which might be due to unintentional device disconnection and goes black as the connection from the ESXi host has already been lost due to network interruption.


    Well, I couldn't understand the problem what actually was causing it at ESXi host. But when I tried it with Workstation I discovered that VM is not making any trouble and connects to the External USB WiFi Adapter successfully but the host does loose network connectivity for a moment. That made me think that this could have been causing the issue to the ESXi connectivity


    That's the reason I am posting it in Workstation Forusm. Hopefully there would be some fix that I could use it with ESXi host without any issue.



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    Hi ,


    We have deployed a Multi-Tenant NSX Deployment and I wanted to know the ideal placement for the Jump Servers for tenants access and Management.


    presently we have the Jump Server in a Shared Tenant inside NSX.

    I was wondering if this is an ideal location or should we consider placing it outside the NSX, by connecting it to the perimeter firewall as a VLAN with its GW on the Firewall.


    My concern on having it inside NSX is , If the Jump server is compromised then there is a possibility of someone gaining access to the whole of our NSX network since we are only using DFW doing only L4 level inspection.


    If we had the Jump Server on the Perimeter firewall , then i think we may be able to do L4-L7 checks and prevent someone gaining access to our NSX network.


    I don't know if my thinking is right and and would need your advice on this..

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    Okay....I think I found a way: vmkfstools

    vmkfstools is embedded on the host and you can run it from the host CLI.

    (I use PuTTY to access the host using SSH, and WinSCP as file/folder browser, also using SSH)

    To shrink a disk use this command:

    vmkfstools --punchzero /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/SR1/SRV1.vmdk


    It seems you cannot use the command on the *flat.vmdk file.

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    I suppose you have the right to do so, but it's a shame you crippled  an absolutely perfect solution to provide sound (via Lion kexts, no  less) to a defective sound implementation of Snow Leopard Server by  VMware. In the hope that you won't use your censorship rights, here's  what anyone interested in providing sound to their Snow Leopard Server  Virtual Machine should do:


    1. Disregard the very bad advice of using the Ensoniq driver.

    2. Add a virtual sound card to your Snow Leopard Server virtual machine.

    3.  Look for the following Lion kexts: AppleAVBAudio.kext,  AppleFWAudio.kext, AppleHDA.kext, AppleUSBAudio.kext, AudioAUUC.kext,  AudioIPCDriver.kext, IOAudio2Family.kext and IOAudioFamily.kext and copy  them to your Snow Leopard Server desktop.

    4. Find a copy of KextBeast and run it in Snow Leopard Server. It will install the relevant kexts.

    5. Upon reboot, you'll have sound. Delete the kexts and KextBeast from your desktop.

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  • 09/25/16--07:50: Re: can't consolidate disk
  • Hi, unfortunately nothing worked. I can't do a Vmotion since I don't have enough space (the server has 3 partitions that totals about 3-4 Tb. Now though I have a new error, which is "an error occurred while consolidating disks 5 (input/output error)". This happens when ALL vm's are down and only Esxi up, connected vsphere from my workstation. As soon as I boot all VM and try again from vcenter, I have the original error message that I posted at the beginning.


    If I browse the datastore, I see normal content for virtual D: and E: drive, but for the C: drive, I see a lot of xxxx.vmdk and ....ctk.vmdk (18 actually) which looks to me like snapshot but there is nothing in the snapshot manager. By the way I can create a snapshot and delete it no problem.


    I just got the ok from the client to call paid vmware support so I will call them probably tomorrow. Until then if any other ideas go ahead.



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    I have a Lenovo Y700 laptop with an Intel AC8260 wireless adapter, Windows 10 Pro 1607, VM Workstation 12.5. If I setup bridged networking using the WiFi adapter, the guest VM gets and ip from dhcp, I can ping the guest IP from anywhere on the network, but the guest network traffic (TCP and ICMP) doesn't even reach the gateway. Strangely enough, it looks like some UDP traffic works as the logs on my router show DNS requests from the guest VM passing through. If I switch the bridge to the Ethernet port everything works as expected. This happens regardless of the guest OS, I tried it with a Win 10 and Free BSD (pfSense) VMs and they both exhibit the same connectivity issue. For the record, I did update the WiFi drivers to the latest Intel Pro Set available (19.10 Aug. 21) and it didn't make any difference.

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  • 09/25/16--08:45: Re: can't consolidate disk
  • So the problem is definitely that you have snapshot files that have not been cleanly consolidated.

    Please post the VM's vmware.log files and also the hostd log file on the ESXi host.


    Between them we should find out what the problem is and find a resolution.


    Do you see in the error anything related to change tracking?

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    Hi again!


    This was not an answer, this was a lesson!


    Thank you so much for your time and for sharing such a knowledge.

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  • 09/25/16--09:27: adding public IPs to NAt
  • I am trying to add more public IPS to my edge uplink but its telling me its overlapping vnic1


    why am I not allowed to add more?


    this is what I have currently.


    Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 9.27.13 AM.png

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    I have exactly the same problem !!

    My configuration is the same retina MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) and FaceTime HD Camera (UVC Camera VendorID_1452 ProductID_34064) and after start a virtual machine the camera cannot work with any other applications.

    Just to test I have tried with other software of virtualization and the only that doesn't have this problem is VirtualBox 5.1.6., Fusion 8.5 and the main competitor Parallels 12 have the same problems.

    I don't know if is a Apple's matter or not but it's very nuisance, especially for me that I use a lot Skype.

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  • 09/25/16--10:31: Module Disk power on failed
  • Hi there,


    I have an vmware with two harddrive (200GB and 400GB). I did a snapshot.


    Today, I want to move that vmware to other vcenter (6.0) by use vmware converter 6.0. The source vmware was stopped. It took too much time so I canceled that job. After that, I got "Module Disk power on failed" when start the current vmware.


    Please help me restore this. I can't find any .lck file.


    I want to restore my last snapshoot but I afraid the problem will be worse.


    Many thanks.

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    Anyone help me, please!


    The picture is all files in vmware folder

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